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Monday, August 6, 2012

Starting Fresh

Welcome to August!  And with August, as a Creative Memories Consultant, we receive new product announcements, new catalogs and renewed vision and inspiration for our business.  As I reflect on what I'd like to accomplish this August, I know I am in a time of renewal, and I'll call it - "Starting Fresh". 

"Starting Fresh" in My Cre8tive Paradise will mean taking a concerted and dedicated effort to organize my scrap supplies, tools, papers and embellishments into functional units.  So you say, "Okay Cheryl, what do you really mean?"  These are the steps I will follow:

1) I will organize my favorite "must have, always "go to" items.  These are MY Go - To items:
  • At the very top of my list is my CM Personal Trimmer - Redesigned this summer, is a little longer than the former Personal Trimmer, instead of a removable drawer, the self-healing cutting mat is removable. The storage compartment is a little smaller than the former trimmer but I can still get my Tape Runner, scissors, pen, piercing tool, tweezers in the storage compartment. The top has a grooved area that can house the new dry embossing stylus while working on a project.  This is a top quality tool and I know it will serve me for MANY years to come.

  • Next on my list, is the new and revamped, worthy of praise, CM Tape Runner.  I LOVE the CM adhesives because once it is applied to something, I never have to worry will the "sticky" hold.  That item is NOT going anywhere with the CM adhesive.  The Frosted Segments currently come standard in the runner are also vellum friendly too.  There is another option for refilling the dispenser which are the White Tabs.
And where would I be without my CM Corner Maker.  I REALLY like this tool because it has a little compartment to catch all of the little corners it cuts off the pictures or mats or whatever corners you're cutting.  I am a "Felix Unger" when it comes to little pieces of papers on the floor....  And that little compartment keeps me and my OCD tendencies in check.

This is all I'll post for today.  Stay tuned for more of my "Go To" scrapping items as I "Start Fresh" in this new CM business year!

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