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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Great Creative Memories Products on Sale through 7/25!!!

Well scrap friends, it is the end of the work week for me and though I LOVE the 3 day weekends, I DESPISE the 4 - 10 hour days!! 

I don't know if you've had the chance to check out the Creative Memories 25th Birthday Bash Sale but there are some GREAT bargains on some of Creative Memories best selling products.  I'd like to highlight just a few of my favorites in today's blog.
  1. The New Tape Runner is a WOW product.  Especially since I championed the recall of EVERY defective tape runner refill of the former tape runner.  CM went above and beyond to find and market an easy to fill tape runner with refills that are also vellum friendly!  Check it out RIGHT HERE - AND it is on sale through July 25th!
  2. The 12x12 Mat and Blades set is another great product.  CM finally adopted the true 12x12 size papers and scrapbook refill pages/albums so this mat is a must have to update your essential tool kit!  AND just in case you didn't know, the blades SWIVEL to adapt to cutting around curves/shapes much easier.
  3. AND my ABSOLUTE favorite product of ALL TIME - the YOU CREATE IT custom coverset!  Creative Memories introduced this beauty last August and I LOVE being able to create my own album covers for my albums.  No longer will I worry about someone having the same album as I because now I can add my OWN pictures/designs to the coverset.  I'll post pictures of my coversets a little later.  This is a product you MUST have!!!  Well worth every penny!!! (Okay, more like DOLLARS, but still worth it!)
Have a GREAT Day and I look forward to blogging more.  I haven't forgotten, I owe you pictures of "My Cre8tive Paradise" gone wild!  Hold your breath....

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