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Monday, April 5, 2010

10 Random Things About Me

  1. I don't have any sisters and thus, am selective about those I let into my inner circle.  I am very proud to say I have Sistas ALL OVER the USA and I love them as if we were connected by blood.
  2. I am super sensitive and cry VERY easily even though I don't appear or carry myself that way.
  3. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE hot and spicy food.
  4. I believe I am a reincarnated beach bum.
  5. I am on a quest to WELLNESS and on track to be off ALL blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes pills and shots by 12/31/2010.  Since Feb 4th, 2010, I have reduced my insulin by 1/2, reduced my diabetes pills dosage in 1/2, eliminated one blood pressure pill and will probably reduce my cholesterol dosage by 1/2 as soon as my doctor gets my blood tests back.
  6. I believe in Karma, the power of the Universe and Almighty God.
  7. Even though I have a LOT of stuff, I actually hate to shop.
  8. I used to hate salads and now I eat at LEAST 2 salads per day.
  9. I have never been a bread person and actually couldn't care less if I never had another piece of bread or white flour product.
  10. I envision myself as a "closet" body builder by the time I reach another milestone birthday 3 years from now.


  1. No you didn't list that erroroneous(sp) information on Number 7. Not the Queen of shopping.

  2. Way to go Cheryl, now I need to update my blog!

  3. great post...we have some things in common...all my sistas are by choice not by blood...and I cry at slightest sentimental thing. On other hand..i do not mess with hot foods. Great post tho!

  4. Thanks for sharing my sistah friend, I love you. I know you can make number 5 happen.

  5. Hello my NC sista. I have chosen you to receive a blog award. Go to my blog and copy and paste the award and then send to 12 other friends that desire it.

  6. This is a fantastic description of beliefs and goals. I'm a crier too, but I'm TOUGH too. Don't let the tears fool ya. I love your goals. Gastric bypass saved my life and got me off all those meds except my Thyroid and now, I picture myself a closet body builder too!! Bring it on world!! Good luck with your goals!

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