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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend ON THE WAY!!!

You know, I believe I live for the weekend!!! I am excited on Hump Day and much more excited on Thursday. By Friday... Just out of control!!! I just love the weekend. Gives me time to relax, reflect and enjoy the ME part of my week.

I visited MissMisi's Blog today and one of her posts was titled "Why Do...?" And it got me thinking about several "Why Do's" in my life. I don't have as many as she but here goes:

Why do...
  • some HS teachers DREAD having an adult conversation?
  • some teachers not know how to disagree in a professional manner?
  • I stay up after 10 PM when I am sleepy at 8 PM???
  • I just sit in my junky scrap room when there is SO much to straighten and organize?
  • my parents complain about how hard it is living in their huge house w/all of that property at 80+ years old?
  • I expect my parents to change their home simply because they are 80+ years old?
  • I have a LSS in my bonus room?
  • continue to shop for MORE scrap items?

1 comment:

  1. If you actually find answers to some of those questions the cure for canncer and peace in the Middle East can't be far off. LOL