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Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Affair with Technology

I own a Gypsy.  I purchased it on the second HSN wave right before Thanksgiving.  I got the "G", lots of Cricut Rewards, the 2 preloaded carts AND a Solutions cart, a cute little carry tote, fabric sleeve for the "G", wall charger, car charger, linking cables, USB cables, all that stuff on 5 FlexPays.  I linked about 10 of my carts, then I started reading all of the horror stories on various message boards about problems with synching, sending "G's" back to PC and decided I needed to make sure it worked.  I tried to use it, had to update firmware on all of my bugs - had 2 at the time, then I couldn't synch it and ultimately had to return it to PC.  They sent me another "G" and I let it sit after I realized I could load George and it synched on all of my computers without a hitch.

Two of my dearest "bug" buddies - Judy T and Shaune - shamed me at my "Swarm" by how easy they made using the "G" look, with access to ALL of their carts, on an electronic device held in the palm of their hands or on that cool stand Judy T uses.  While there I sat, with totes loaded with carts and books, changing carts every time I needed to cut something different and thinking about those 5 Flex Pays for something I wasn't using, that I'd left at home. 

Over the next few months, Judy T continued to get on me about not using my "G" and reassuring me that I would LOVE it once I got accustomed to it.  So I downloaded, printed the manual, and linked ALL of my carts to my "G", downloaded every update, synched it regularly, even added pictures to it.  All of this happened before May 1.  And still had not actually created or CUT anything using it.

Until last weekend.  We went on family vacation for the first time in three years and I packed my "G".  I put it in my travel tote in the front with me.  About 30 minutes into the drive to our destination, I pulled it out and began to design with it.  I couldn't put it down!  I began to dream of all of the cool cuts I needed to create for the projects I needed to and planned to work on while on vacation.  DH kept asking "What is that thing?" or "What are you doing?" - because I wasn't asleep while he was driving, my normal routine.  And I actually designed all of the cuts I needed, plus more.

Everywhere we went, I carried, and actually USED, my "G".  On my way to the beach and actually "sunning" on the beach, I used my "G".  I became concerned about blowing sand getting on my "G" so I purchased one of the hard travel cases to store my "G" when I was interrupted from my creating.... And actually became angry when I had to STOP creating on the "G".  It was at that moment, I realized I had grown to LOVE my "G" and secretly yearned for MORE time with the "G"....  It was very relaxing to spend time with my "G".  I was deeply in love...

Then when I actually hooked my "G" up to "Black Beauty" (the Black E I bought Black Friday 2009 and so graciously gave to DD as an excuse for me to purchase my precious Limited Edition Blue E), my love grew even more.  I was able to cut out ALL of those great creations just with a tiny tap of the screen, and could go cook dinner, while occasionally glancing at the marvel of all that technology at work, I realized I'd fallen deeply in love with the possibilities presented with great combination of actually using my "Bugs" and my "G" to their fullest potential.  Finally.

I realized tonight, I am having a love affair with technology used for papercrafting.  And I don't feel an ounce of guilt that I'm having an affair.  In my cre8tive paradise or anywhere else in proximity of, or even when thinking about, my "G".


  1. Good for you! I have to admit I have been using mine more too.

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you are now using your G!!! After seeing the G in action at your crop, I had to jump on the wagon and I LOVE my G!!!

  3. Now if only PC would go ahead and release the update for it for the new CM Cartridges!!!!!

  4. Love your story Cheryl! I need to use mine more. I only use a portion of its capabilities!

  5. Now I know I need to get on my game in regards to using my G. Just reading your post has started a new spark of interest and now I can't wait to get home and play.