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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Great Day in NC!

Well, today started out with me wanting to sleep late but NOT!!! I've been so excited since March 20th or 21st... whichever of those days is the first day of Spring! I LOVE spring - a time of renewal and rebirth, blooming flowers, budding trees, the whole nine!!! Even my spring allergies don't get me down. Those of you that know me personally know I am a CHEERY person and Spring really brings MORE of me OUT!!!

AND today, I attended a SU Color Class and I had a BALL!!!! There are some techniques that don't interest me at all - cutting intricate detailed items are meant to be cut w/die cutting machines NOT by my hands. But I won the Mystery Hostess drawing and received 3 FREE sets of stamps and another little stamp that I was not expecting. I'll add the pictures later.

But now, I've done everything except what I should have done 3 hours ago - MAKE MY EASTER CARDS FOR MY FAMILY! So let me get busy!

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